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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Takoma Park, MD

Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most dangerous types of traffic collisions, and often, the motorcycle operator suffers severe, life-threatening injury in a wreck. Motorcycles lack the protective shell and airbags of a car or truck. In a crash, the motorcyclist may be thrown free, colliding with the other vehicle involved, or hitting the hard pavement. Brain injuries are common, even with a motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, motorcycle operators often suffer multiple serious injuries, like broken bones, soft tissue damage, and internal bleeding.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have grounds to demand compensation from the other driver. If their negligence, or the negligence of another party, caused the wreck, a Takoma Park, MD, motorcycle accident lawyer can help you assert your rights and demand fair compensation for your medical care and other losses. Call our firm today for a free consultation.

What Does A Takoma Park Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

A motorcycle accident lawyer represents motorcycle accident victims in civil personal injury cases. If you didn’t cause the accident, and it was due to negligence on the part of a driver or another party, then you have the right to demand compensation for your medical expenses and other losses, like missed wages and pain and suffering. Although you could file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company on your own, you may miss important details that could jeopardize your claim or find yourself in trouble if the other driver decides to tell their insurance carrier you caused the wreck.

A motorcycle accident attorney can build a strong case on your behalf, using their extensive resources to investigate and gather evidence, depose witnesses, and subpoena video footage of the wreck. If the accident was caused by another party, like a mechanic who didn’t fix your bike properly or a municipality that failed to keep the roads in good, safe repair, then your lawyer may also file suit against them.

Fair Compensation After A Debilitating Motorcycle Accident

When you work with our legal team, you can rest and focus on healing while we handle all aspects of your case, from communicating with the other party to drafting and filing the legal motions necessary to move your case forward. We’ll protect your interests, advocate for you in a courtroom, and represent you in negotiations or mediation with the other party.

Our lawyers have the experience necessary to properly value your claim, accounting not just for the medical care you need right now but what you may need if you suffer complications or need extensive rehabilitative therapy. We also assign a fair value for your pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

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Have you been hurt in a motorcycle accident you didn’t cause? We can help you demand full and fair compensation from the other driver for your losses. Contact Antezana & Antezana LLC today for a free consultation with a Takoma Park motorcycle accident attorney.