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Takoma Park, MD Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have lost someone you cherish in an accident that would not have otherwise happened if not for the negligence of another, then contact a Takoma Park, MD wrongful death lawyer as soon as you are able. Chances are, you are not just feeling sorrow but anger at how your loved one was taken too soon and the injustice of it all. To add more grief to an already painful experience, it can be overwhelming to realize that someone was responsible for your loved one’s death. And on top of everything else, you could be going through financial hardship at this time too, particularly if the person who passed away was supporting the family. You deserve to have peace while grieving your loss, but monetary matters could make that impossible. For immediate and compassionate assistance regarding a potential wrongful death case, contact our team at Antezana & Antezana, LLC

Suing For Wrongful Death

The state of Maryland has statutes for wrongful death that offers surviving loved ones compensation in the event of a fatal accident. Generally, the relatives closest to the decedent or had relied on them the most are prioritized. The law states that primary beneficiaries for a wrongful death lawsuit can include the parent, spouse, or child of the victim. However, if there are no primary beneficiaries at the time of the decedent’s passing, then secondary beneficiaries may file a case. These people can include marriage or blood relatives who were significantly dependent on the decedent. Relatives were not not dependent nor primary or secondary beneficiaries cannot pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Economic Damages

As a surviving loved one of someone you may have also relied on financially, you may be able to receive economic damages that resulted directly from the fatal accident, in addition to loss of future financial assistance from the victim. Economic damages may entail funeral and burial expenses, medical costs, loss of inheritance, loss of victim’s wages, loss of services and goods the victims would have offered if still alive, and loss of victim’s benefits (health insurance or pension). As your Takoma Park wrongful death lawyer can discuss, there may be punitive or non-economic damages involved with your case as well. Non-economic damages entail less tangible losses, such as emotional and social needs. They do not have bills or receipts associated with them, and are often met with more substantial rewards. Examples of non-economic damages can be mental anguish, loss of companionship/love/society, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. Punitive damages are awarded in cases in which the conduct of the defendant was malicious, intentional, or fraudulent.

Get Legal Support Today

Our team at Antezana & Antezana, LLC can only imagine what you are going through. No one deserves to have their life taken too soon because someone else chose to be negligent or malicious. To get compassionate legal support from a team you can rely on to be by your side, reach out to a Takoma Park wrongful death lawyer today.

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