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Takoma Park, MD Slip And Fall Lawyer

Shoppers get injured in stores more frequently than people may think, and assistance from a Takoma Park slip and fall lawyer may be needed. Grocery and retail stores may have hidden dangers such as slippery and cracked floors, defective carts, or items that fall from shelves. Workers are constantly restocking shelves with items that may pose a slip and fall hazard if they tumble to the ground. Legally, incidents of slip and fall injuries are considered a premises liability matter, so getting help from a legal team is recommended. The best way to find out about your compensation eligibility is by getting a case evaluation first, then having your lawyer guide you from there. If you were hurt while shopping, then reach out to our team at Antezana & Antezana, LLC

Your Rights After Slip and Fall

The owner of a grocery or retail store has a duty to provide an environment that is reasonably safe. That means they must routinely check for leaks, safety hazards, and other dangers that could pose a risk for shoppers. The state of Maryland has laws that separate those who were on a property into licensees, trespassers, and invitees. The duty of a property owner or landowner to someone in their store depends on which category the individual falls into. So if you are invited onto a property, you should receive a high level of protection. This applies to shoppers who were in a store during regular operating hours. Licensees are safeguarded but a store has less obligation to them compared to invitees. This includes guests for social events and others who have permission to be on the property but not as invitees. If someone is a trespasser, then a property owner or landowner has no obligation to their safety. 

Ways You May Sustain Injury

Sticky substances and other liquids may get spilled on store floors, whether its cleaning supplies or from broken merchandise. If a shopper knocks over an item, it breaks, and then another shopper hurts themselves, the store may not automatically be liable. Store owners and workers who were aware of a problem but failed to attend to it in a timely manner which led to serious injury could be financially responsible for the loss that shopper experienced. As a Takoma Park slip and fall lawyer explains, a shopper may also get hurt due to slips on carpets, dangerous stairs, unsafe displays, defective shopping carts, ice outside the store, rain puddles at the entryway, malfunctioning escalators and elevators, poor lighting, and crime. 

Evaluating Your Situation

Sometimes people just need to know if their situation warrants filing a claim for compensation. A Takoma Park slip and fall lawyer can evaluate the accident and let you know what your options are moving forward. Our representation has made a difference in the outcome of client’s cases, and we take pride in our legal ability to obtain this for them. If you need help today, please call us at Antezana & Antezana, LLC as soon as you are able.

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